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Our research focuses on the acquisition of language by infants and children in relation with sensorimotor aspects. We are interested in various steps of this development, from birth to the emergence of oral language and the acquisition of written language. Our general aim is to understand the interactions between innate predispositions and the linguistic environment that allow the infant to develop complex and culture-dependent structures. Our research, bearing on the comparison of the acquisition of French with that of other languages (English, German, Japanese…), helps specify what is general and what is language-specific in the developmental patterns of language acquisition observed in the literature. Cortical and behavioral functional plasticity is investigated using behavioral (HPP, Switch, eye-tracking, etc.), neurophysiological (event-related potentials, ERPs) and neuroimaging (NIRS) methods. In particular, we study:

  • the influence of crosslinguistic differences on the typical development of speech perception, phonological, lexical, semantic and morpho-syntactic abilities and the acquisition of reading.
  • the impact of bilingualism on early language acquisition.
  • the impact on these developments of different developmental pathologies, including deafness (deaf infants with either external auditory devices or cochlear implants), several genetic syndromes (SLI, dyslexia, Williams syndrome) and early brain lesions.
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