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Action, Volition et Consciousness

The Action, Volition, and Consciousness (AVoC) group investigate modality-unspecific higher-order functions of adult perception and performance. It addresses notably three major themes: (1) Human voluntary and stimulus-driven action control, (2) perceptual plasticity and sensation/action reciprocity, and (3) consciousness and attention in experimental and clinical setting. The first topic on human action control investigates functions and neural substrate of brain systems controlling human’s interaction with the environment, either in terms of sensorimotor actions in response to input from the outside world or in terms of ideomotor actions aimed at producing desired sensory effects in the environment. The second topic on perceptual plasticity and sensation/action reciprocity addresses the issue of action control and its relation to perception from a different perspective: it studies how perception and performance can be improved using sensory substitution and augmented reality paradigms. The third topic on consciousness and attention tests new ideas on the neural correlates of conscious perception, how consciousness is interrelated to attention, and how fundamental research in this context can be used in clinical settings to the benefit of non-communicating patients.

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