Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception - UMR 8242
Uni­ver­sité Paris Descartes
45 Rue des Saints Pères
75270 Paris Cedex 06


Senior Research Scientist
Hearing group

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Scientific interests : My research is focused on hearing, with a special interest in time: the temporal structure of sound and sound scenes, and the neural bases of their perception. Current projects include investigations of auditory memory, perceptual bistability in the auditory and visual modalities, music perception with cochlear implants, recognition of natural sound sources, computational models of hearing based on spike timing information, comparisons of auditory change detection and visual change blindness, etc…


Awards : ERC Advanced grant (co-PI), The Adaptive Auditory Mind. 2012-2017. ANR “Learning and enhancement in auditory perception” (2010-2013, PI, with Laurent Demany) Erasmus Mundus “Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Network”. ANR “Multistability and binding in audition and speech” (2008-2010, J.L Schwartz, PI) ANR “Hearing in Time” (2006-2009, PI, with Simon Thorpe)