We are a public research laboratory in Paris specializing in the psychophysics, experimental and developmental psychology of perception, action, and language. Please click on the links to the left to learn more about our research and teaching.
Here is our report.

Our director is Florian WASZAK
and our associate director is Thierry NAZZI

Event Information:

  • Plateformes




    Responsable scientifique : Thierry Nazzi

    Liste de laboratoires qui ont utilisé la plateforme :

    • Plymouth University, UK (Caroline Floccia)


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    Responsable scientifique : Patrick Cavanagh & Andrei Gorea

    Liste de laboratoires qui ont utilisé la plateforme :

    • Charité Medical School, Berlin (Florian Ostendorf)
    • Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich (Heiner Deubel)
    • University of California at San Diego (Stuart Antis)
    • University of Dresden, Dresden and Aalto University, Helsinski (Sebastian Pannasch)
    • Weizmann Inst (Israel)
    • URECA Group Lille III