We are a public research laboratory in Paris specializing in the psychophysics, experimental and developmental psychology of perception, action, and language. Please click on the links to the left to learn more about our research and teaching.
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Our director is Florian WASZAK
and our associate director is Thierry NAZZI

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    LPP seminar: Cyril Herry, INSERM U862, Physiopathologie de la plasticité neuronale, Université Bordeaux Segalen

    11hSalle de réunion du LPP, H432, 4ème étage, Centre Biomédical des Saints Pères 45 rue des Sts Pères, 75006 Paris

    Prefrontal neuronal circuits controlling emotional behavior

    When facing danger, mammals display a broad range of fear behavior ranging from active (avoidance) to passive (freezing) fear responses. The canonical model of fear circuits posits that the basolateral amygdala directly controls fear responses through projections to the brainstem. Using state of the art behavioral, electrophysiological and optogenetic manipulations we provide evidence challenging this view. Our results indicate that (i) specific cell populations within the medial prefrontal cortex support different coding strategy for fear behavior and (ii) that specific manipulation of prefrontal neurons projecting to the brainstem directly regulate conditioned fear responses.

    Invited by Vision Team

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