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    LPP seminar: Michael Goldstein, Dept. of Psychology, Cornell University

    11Salle de réunion du LPP, H432, 4ème étage, Centre Biomédical des Saints Pères 45 rue des Sts Pères, 75006 Paris
    LPP seminar
    Socially guided statistical learning in early language development.
    How do infants learn from other people?  The microstructure of interaction between infants and caregivers is characterized by statistical regularities in the form and timing of adult responsiveness.  Manipulations of responsiveness using biological and robotic interaction partners reveal that social reactions to prelinguistic vocalizing facilitate rapid developmental advances in speech and language.  Findings from a new paradigm show that certain characteristics of social interaction are rewarding for infants, and reward pathways may drive learning in social contexts.  Parallel studies in songbirds further illustrate the robustness of socially guided learning in vocal development and allow for direct investigation of the developing connections between reward and learning circuitry.  Thus prelinguistic vocal learning, one of the earliest stages of language acquisition, is an active, socially-embedded process.

    Invited by the Perception, Action and Cognitive Development group

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